Painting Exterior Brick

This is our current home. I would post a more pulled back shot for you, but we have a lot of bad landscaping that needs to be updated and obstructs the views. Painting it made it immediately feel cleaner, brighter and more coherent. It’s a 1990s home that has some design flaws, especially the windows, and the white paint really helped to minimize those flaws. Eventually, we may decide to address the exterior further, but for now we are very happy with it!

We loved this home. In addition to paint, we removed the storm door and replaced the lighting.

-Perceived colors vs. compared colors. When you are choosing a paint color, it’s important to see it in the context and lighting you are using it in, not just against other paint colors. We explain how we used a soft beige with a tint of green to achieve what looks like “just white paint” to the naked eye.

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