How Much Does it Cost to Paint a 12×12 Room?

Painting your home interior can be a demanding project. It is important to begin the process with clear information, budgeting and planning. Let’s start with understanding the costs of painting a 12×12 room before we get into how to paint it

The first step is to decide whether to paint the interior yourself or to hire a local professional house painter to do the job for you. Understanding the cost and benefit of both options is key to making an informed choice that is best for your budget, family, and home decor.

The decision process begins with understanding the costs of painting a room, a cost-benefit analysis of doing the job yourself or hiring a professional, the average costs per square foot, receiving a fair estimate, and other variables that impact the cost of your painting project. Reading basic and honest information about interior painting is a good place to begin.

What Are the Average Costs Per Square Foot? 

Using a 12×12 room in your home as a standard example, the majority of professional painters will issue an estimate based on a price per square foot, charging within the range of $1 to $3 per square foot of space. 

Calculate the total amount of space to be painted, whether just one or two rooms or your entire interior, to prepare a realistic budget and have a good point of reference to judge an estimate. This is calculated by multiplying the perimeter of the room by the height of the walls.

Note that a 12×12 room isn’t 144 square feet. The total wall surface is calculated by multiplying perimeter by wall height. Assuming the standard height of 8 feet, multiplied by total perimeter of 48 feet, the estimate will be issued for 384 square feet. 

For the average 12×12 room, the cost will usually range between $350 and $850 with around 70% of the total projected charge covering labor costs. With the highest quality and most experienced painters the cost can go over $1,000.

An average home interior will range from $1,200 for lower quality painters to $4,000 for the most professional and experienced painters.

How are estimates calculated? 

Understanding how estimates are created is a major advantage to ensure you’re receiving a fair, clear, honest price. Most painters charge between $25 to $35 per hour for a small home interior painting job which comprises the bulk of the price issued per square foot. 

Painting a single room is more expensive than touching up or revamping several rooms or the entire home. Expect a cost of at least $2.5 per square foot, excluding costs of baseboards, wall repair, ceilings, and trim. It is important to research the company’s history and customer feedback to determine if your estimate is reasonable. 

Many contractors will charge $100 to $150 for furniture removal per room, and overall rates may vary with such variables as location, urban or rural location, accessibility to the home, etc. As such, it is recommended to request estimates 

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