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Transforming a hospital’s appearance is a formidable task, considering their vast size, often spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet. At CP Painting, we are a dedicated, family-owned business specializing in hospital painting services. We understand the unique requirements of healthcare facilities and are committed to working around your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption during low-traffic periods to give your hospital the refreshed look it deserves.


Patients at your hospital expect the utmost in care and place their trust in your services. The first impression they form begins with the appearance of your facility. To convey an image of a well-maintained, soothing, and trustworthy environment, choose us for your hospital painting needs. Our precision and efficiency guarantee that your hospital will look its best, with a flawless process, even for the largest of buildings.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Spray-Net offers the most customized paint job on the market. What that means for you is the most durable job for the price. This is made possible by combining a variety of our tools, processes, and proprietary product development. We even created a software called the Spray Network, used internally by all Spray-Netters. It takes into consideration the weather conditions, temperature, and humidity on the application day in order to customize the coating to ensure our factory finish and 15-year warranty against peeling. We also take into account where the coating will be applied on the home with regards to sun exposure and high-touch areas (such as doors) and adjust our coating formulation accordingly. We use non-organic pigments, which do not degrade and fade over time. This means that our colors stay brighter and last longer, even with direct UV expose
A well-done brick staining job lasts anywhere from six years to two decades. However, the weather conditions may affect this. Harsh winters and humid winters are the primary culprits of wear and tear. Thankfully, we use the highest quality materials available to mitigate the wear of your brick.
No. Brick staining maintains the integrity of your brick and will keep the texture feeling as it should. The stain penetrates deep into the brick and lets it breathe. Essentially, it has no effect on the brick other than making it look amazing!
Most people confuse the difference between spray-applied paint and electrostatic paint. Electrostatic paint is typically oil-based and is commonly used in the industrial sector to paint difficult to paint shapes, like cylinders. These objects need to be made of a high conducting metal such as steel. Using an electrical charge, paint is propelled toward the surface to create a perfect even finish. This isn’t necessary (or possible) in the residential sector because we use non-toxic water-based products and the surfaces that we revamp have very little to no conductivity so it wouldn’t work anyway. The water content of our products, as well as the painting of mostly non-metal surfaces, wouldn’t allow for a sufficient electrical charge. The big appeal of electrostatic painting is the low-overspray property of the technique, but all of our paints and coatings are specifically designed for spray application. Combined with our spray equipment, this technique results in a high transfer efficiency and minimal amount of overspray. When it comes to painting the exterior of a home,
For aluminum and vinyl exterior siding, we strike the perfect balance between a matte and glossy finish to minimize the appearance of surface imperfections and to create a like-new washable finish. These types of custom finishes are not available with conventional paints limited to matte, satin, or semi-gloss. For doors and windows, we follow the same gloss standards as the door and window industry so that they look like they’ve just arrived from the factory!
Unlike the traditional brush and roller method, spray-applied painting is measured according to paint thickness rather than the number of coats. Depending on the specific exterior coating that we’re using, paint thickness can vary between 4 and 20 mils. A thicker paint film doesn’t automatically mean it will be more durable; it all depends on what we’re trying to achieve for a final product’s properties. You can be sure that our expert painting crews are equipped with the knowledge, products, and experience to produce a permanent factory finish… every time.
Quality painting and finishing in healthcare facilities play a crucial role in creating an environment that is conducive to healing and well-being. Here are eight reasons why it’s important: Infection Control: High-quality paint finishes can be easier to clean and disinfect, helping to maintain a hygienic environment and reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Aesthetic Appeal: Well-chosen colors and finishes can contribute to a calming and comforting atmosphere for patients, visitors, and staff, which can positively impact mental and emotional well-being. Wayfinding and Navigation: Strategic use of colors and finishes can aid in wayfinding within the facility, helping patients and visitors navigate complex environments more easily. Durability: Quality paints and finishes are more durable and resistant to wear and tear, which is important in high-traffic areas of healthcare facilities where walls and surfaces may be subject to frequent cleaning and maintenance. Safety and Compliance: Certain types of paint finishes can meet specific safety and regulatory requirements, such as being fire-retardant or low-VOC (volatile organic compound), contributing to the overall safety and compliance of the facility. Reflectivity and Lighting: The choice of paint finishes can affect how light is reflected within the space, which can influence visibility, mood, and overall comfort for patients and staff. Brand Image: The appearance of healthcare facilities can impact the perception of the quality of care provided. High-quality painting and finishing contribute to a positive brand image and can instill confidence in patients and visitors. Maintenance Costs: Investing in quality painting and finishing upfront can potentially reduce long-term maintenance costs by extending the lifespan of surfaces and minimizing the need for frequent repainting or repairs.

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